Romanace Blend Dahlias

A medley of romantic shades to spice up your garden! Dahlias are brilliant garden plants, they bloom for weeks from the end of summer right into autumn with an abundance that will fill your vases and colour your beds. Dahlias tubers take around 8 weeks from planting to flowering. Plant your Dahlia tuber in a sunny spot into moist, humus rich, well drained soil. Water in well then keep moist during active growth.

  • Dahlia Marshmallow

    Sweet and neat.

  • Dahlia Wine Dot

    Unusual and appealing.

  • Decorative Dahlia Mixed

    Summer stunners.

  • Dahlia Joy Burkitt

    The perfect compliment.

  • Dahlia Gold Nugget

    New in 2018.

  • Dahlia 'A Time for Romance' Collection

    A touch of romance.

  • Dahlia Sweetheart

    A sweet Dahlia.

  • Dahlia Chad

    New in 2018.

  • Dahlia Nugget

    Black as they come.

  • Dahlia Helena

    Great contrast.