Zonal Geraniums 'Ecco'

Zonal Geraniums 'Ecco'

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Species:x zonale
Flowers:Spring to Autumn
Restricted:WA, TAS, QLD
Climate:Cool to Temperate
Aspect:Full Sun to Semi Shade
Supplied as:Pots
Water needs:2

Bright red, semi double blooms. Big, bright blooms that last and last.

The zonal foliage is compact and evergreen. The smooth, pale green leaves have a darker green blotch in the centre. A drought tolerant plant that thrives in pots and well drained garden soil.
These are vigorous plants with handsome foliage that cascades from pots, hanging baskets and garden walls.
Plant in moderately fertile, well drained soil or a good quality potting mix. Water to establish, they become dry tolerant as they mature. Keep compact by trimming or pinching off unwanted growth.

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