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Arum Lily ‘Pink Mist’ & ‘White Gnome’

Botanical name: Zantesdeschia x aethiopica.
Family: Araceae.
Plant type: Tuber. These plants are almost evergreen but have a semi to fully dormant period in mid summer when the flowering stops and the foliage goes yellow.
Size (HxW): Pink Mist - 1m x 0.5m.
White Gnome - 50-60cm x 40cm
Depth and spacing: Plant with 1-2cm of soil covering the crown of the plant (with the swollen ‘eyes’ pointing upwards) in a hole large enough to spread the roots out. Space 1m apart for Pink Mist and 40cm apart for the White Gnome.
Watering: For best results, keep this plant moist whilst actively growing.
Frost tolerance: Heavy frosts may mark or kill the foliage but the rhizome will remain unharmed.
Flowering time: The Pink Mist plant typically flowers mostly in spring and autumn. It also will flower for much of the summer although the height of summer flowering will stop when temperatures reach above 25ºC. The pink colour is more prominent in the warmer months of the year. The White Gnome will flower from late winter till summer.
Planting time: Generally whilst dormant (winter)
Soil: Moist and slightly acidic (ie: pH 5.8-6.6).
Climate: Cool to sub-tropical.
Aspect: Full sun to semi shade.
Fertilizer: Use a low nitrogen fertilizer (organic fertilizers) every other year. A biannual top dressing of dolomite lime will also be beneficial.
After flower care: None other than the occasional tidy up.
Comments: Immature Pink Mist flowers will appear a creamy white and will darken to pink as the plant matures.

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