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Australian Native Dendrobium

Botanical name: Dendrobium x hybrida
Family: Orchidaceae
Plant type: Evergreen perennial.
Size (HxW): 30cm x 30cm
Depth and spacing: They can be grown on bark or in orchid mix, slightly in the soil or attached onto bark. If placing on bark, add some sphagnum moss around the roots to assist with moisture retention.
Watering: Water freely during dry periods, keeping relatively moist.
Frost tolerance: Keep protected from frosts.
Flowering time: Spring
Planting time: Anytime
Soil: Well drained. You can use any of the following: Orchid mixes, peat moss, bark chips or they can be attached to wire baskets. If they are attached to bark or trees, use a little sphagnum moss around the roots for protection and to keep them moist and cool.
Climate: Cool to Tropical.
Aspect: Tolerates full sun through winter but place in semi-shaded areas through spring and summer.
Fertilizer: Feed with a well-balanced liquid fertilizer every few weeks, particularly through the flowering period.
Comments: The foliage is not an attractive feature, but the flowers are well worth the wait!

Last Reviewed: 10/27/2004 2:47:49 PM
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