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Australian Native Orchid

Botanical name: Sarcochilus hartmanii
Family: Orchidaceae.
Plant type: Bulb
Size (HxW): This plant will eventually reach 15cm x 20cm (20 years).
Depth and spacing: Plant the cutting immediately in a pot 1-3cm into the soil and place in a semi shaded position until established (a few weeks). They can be transplanted once roots have been established into larger pots or in the garden.
Watering: Keep relatively moist whilst establishing. Water well in the warmer months and allow drying out in the cooler months.
Frost tolerance: Protect from heavy frosts.
Flowering time: Spring
Planting time: Anytime
Soil: Well drained.
Climate: Cool to temperate.
Aspect: Full sun to semi-shade. In cooler areas the plant will grow faster with protection from heavy rain and frost.
Fertilizer: In pots the addition of a small amount of slow release fertilizer is all that is required. If grown on branches, regular liquid fertilizing is ideal. Fertilize when the new growth appears and during the warmer months.
Comments: These plants naturally occur in temperate forests, on tree braches and rock faces.

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