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Australian native orchid

Botanical name: Sarcochilus hybrids
Family: Orchidaceae
Plant type: Evergreen orchid.
Plant size: This plant eventually reaches 15cm tall x 20cm wide (20 years).
Depth & spacing: If potting, plant with the crown at the soil surface and 20cm apart, otherwise grow on boards or branches..
Watering: Water regularly in the warmer months and allow to dry out in the cooler months.
Frost tolerances: Protect from heavy frosts (this is usually quite easily achieved by growing the plant in forest-like conditions).
Flowering time: Late Spring (8 weeks)
Preferred soil: Very open and well drained (these plants are found naturally in temperate forests, on tree branches and rock faces).
Preferred aspect: Partly shaded such as under trees, amongst the ferns, on the patio or in an unheated greenhouse. In cooler areas the plants will grow faster with protection from heavy rain & frost.
Ideal climates: Cool - temperate.
Pruning/After flowering care: None.
Fertilising: In pots the addition of a small amount of slow release fertiliser is all that is required. If grown on branches, regular liquid fertilising is ideal. Fertilise when the new growth appears & during the warmer months.
Uses & comments: If you keep these orchids in a pot they will require repotting every 2 - 4 years. (Use an orchid bark/potting mix which is readily available from nurseries & garden centres).

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