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Blue Carnations

Plant size: 1.2m tall x 30cm wide. The Spray Carntion (Moon Shadow) grows to approximately 1m tall.
Spacing: Space 30cm or more apart cm apart.
Soil: It is imperative that these Carnations be planted in a soil with excellent drainage (preferably in raised beds) and, ideally, with a pH ofbetween 6.5 and 7.
Aspect: For best results, situate where the plants will receive full sun.
Climate: In the cool to temperate climates these carnations are simple to grow. They will also grow in the warmer climates of NSW and QLD although in these areas they will not flower as readily during Summer.
Frost: Hardy.
Flowers: The biggest flushes of flowers appear in Spring and Summer but these Carnations will also flower spasmodically over Winter and Autumn (depending on when the plants are pruned). Usually these plants will start flowering approximately 3 months from the date of planting.
Pruning: These plants will benefit from an annual cut back (to approx 20cm from ground level) and after which they will start flowering again in approximate 3 months. In cool to temperate climates pruning is ideally done in late Winter. In warmer climates you might like to cut the plant back earlier (Autumn) to remove any foliage which grows too tall over Summer.
Watering: Keep the soil moist (but not soggy).
Fertiliser: These plants require generous amounts of food to keep up their continuous parade of flowers. It is ideal to incorporate organic matter into the soil prior to planting and also incorporate some slow release fertiliser.
Annually apply more fertiliser in late Winter to early Spring. This
food will feed the growth for the new season.
Issues: Rust may become a problem. If it does, the plants can be treated by Plant Vax or Baycor which are usually available from garden centres.
Staking: These Carnations are tall and generally require staking. In the garden this is as simple as placing one stake either side of the plant (about 30cm apart) and tying string (or garden tie) around the plant and the stakes. As the plant grows taller simply add more string further up the stakes.

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