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Bromeliad ‘Air Plant’ and ‘Spanish Moss’

Botanical name: Air Plant - Tillandsia ionantha.
Spanish Moss - Tillandsia usneoides
Family: Bromeliaceae.
Plant type: Evergreen Epiphytic.
Size (HxW): Air Plant - 12cm x 10cm.
Spanish Moss – 8m
Depth and spacing: As this plant grows no roots there is no need for it to be planted. This plant will grow well in any well-lit, but sheltered area.
Watering: A complete soak once or twice a week is all that is needed.
Frost tolerance: Protect from frosts.
Flowering time: The Air Plant flowers in spring.
Planting time: Anytime
Soil: They generally don’t get planted. Hang them over branches, bark or place on a windowsill in the bathroom.
Climate: Cool to Tropical.
Aspect: Full sun to semi-shade, outdoors the plant should be placed in a semi-shaded spot where there is protection from the winter rains and frosts.
Fertilizer: None required.
Comments: This plant should be allowed to almost dry out between watering. It is easy to tell when the plant needs more water as the leaves should be erect and firm, they will soften and shrink if more water is needed. They look attractive attached or placed on a rock or decorative branches (like driftwood).

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