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Calla Lilies

Zantedeschia hybrids.
Family: Araceae
Plant type: Corm Size (HxW): 70-100cm tall x 30-50cm wide
Flowering time: Summer.
Planting depth and spacing: Plant corms 5-10cm deep and 40cm apart.
Soil type: Prefers a very rich soil for best results.
Position: Full sun to light shade.
Frost: Mostly hardy.
Fertilising details: This plant will benefit from generous feeding. An annual application of rotten manure in Winter plus a fortnightly application of liquid fertliser is suitable. The manure can simply be applied over the top of the beds in Winter as if a layer of mulch. Thereās no need to dig in the manure because the rain will water it in for you. Alternatively, you could use several applications of a good general purpose ferilsier (eg: Blood & Bone) during the growing season.
Preferred climates: Cool to Sub Tropical.
Planting time: Winter to early Spring.
Water: Regularly during active growth, so do not allow to dry out as this will trigger dormancy. These corms love lots of water as long as they are not sitting in water for extended periods. So they require good drainage.
Pests & diseases: Slugs & Snails which consider Calla leaves a delicacy.
Potting: Callas in pots can be brought indoors when flowering for short periods at a time.

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