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Campanula 'Isabella'

Botanical name: Campanula longistyla 'Isabella'
Plant type: Herbaceous ground cover.
Plant size: 15 - 20cm tall & wide
Depth & spacing: Plant with the crown level with the soil surface and 20cm apart.
Watering: Water well whilst actively growing, especially over Summer.
Frost tolerances: Fully hardy.
Flowering time: Very long flowering; from late Spring until Autumn.
Preferred soil: Well drained.
Preferred aspect: Full sun to light shade
Ideal climates: Cool to temperate. The warmer the climate, the cooler the spot this plant likes.
Pruning: Cut back after it finishes flowering in Autumn to promote new, neat growth for the following year.
Fertilising: Feed annually in early Spring with a general purpose fertiliser.
Uses & comments: The true beauty of this plant is in the sheer number of blooms produced (which are sufficient in number to smother the plant).

Last Reviewed: 13/02/2004 11:30:33 AM
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