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Campanula 'Kent Beauty', Sky Blue Bells and Hidecote Amethyst.

Botanical name: see details below
Family: Campanulaceae
Plant type: Herbaceous perennial
Flowering time: see details below
Size: see details below
Preferred soil: Rich, well drained.
Preferred position: Sun to part shade.
Preferred climate: Cool to temperate. 'Kent Beauty' copes more easily with
heat than do the other varieties
Planting depth and spacing: Plant to the same depth as it was in pot & 40cm
Pruning: Remove all old foliage once the plant dies back each Winter
Watering: Keep watered during main growth periods and dry spells.
Fertilising: Apply a general purpose fertiliser annually in early Spring.
Frost tolerance: Hardy
Kent Beauty:
Campanula x punctata 'Kent Beauty'
50cm tall x 40cm.
Flowers Spring, Summer and Autumn
Sky Blue Bells:
Campanula incurva
Ground covering type.
15-20cm tall x 45cm.
Flowers Summer.
Hidecote Amethyst:
Campanula latiloba 'Hidecote Amethyst'
Upright type.
90cm tall x 45cm.
Flowers Summer.

Last Reviewed: 13/02/2004 11:30:33 AM
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