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Chinese Water Bamboo

Botanical name: Dracaena sanderiana.
Family: Agavceae.
Plant type: Evergreen perennial.
Size (HxW): 100cm x 50cm.
Depth and spacing: A plant that allows you to be creative. Consider planting in groups, pairs or alone in soil or water. They can be spaced or touching.
Watering: If grown in a potting mix it should be allowed to dry out on the soil surface before more watering takes place.
Frost tolerance: Frost tender, if planted outdoors make sure to protect this plant from heavy frosts.
Planting time: Anytime
Climate: Cool to Tropical.
Aspect: These plants need full sun to semi-shade when planted outdoors. Indoors they can survive without direct sunlight but will perform best in a well-lit area.
Fertilizer: Every 2 months feed with a small amount of any slow release fertilizer.
After flowering care: When the plant grows too large cut the cane below the lowest leaf, above a node at the desired height. New growth will shoot from the internode below.
Comments: If you choose to grow in water make sure that the water remains clean and clear. Try adding some pebbles at the base to keep the stems supported. Make sure the water level remains over the roots.

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