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Family: Ranunculaceae
Plant type:Herbaceous perennial.
Size: Will grow unchecked to approx. 2-3m tall but can be pruned to a smaller size.
Ideal Planting time:Winter to early Spring
Planting: Plant with the crown at soil level & approximately 1.5m apart. (Actual distance apart depends on the density of the display desired).
Aspect: Clematis like a spot that allows for their "head to be in the sun & their feet in the shade". This simply means providing a cool root run in a sunny spot. Plant under a small shrub (above which the vines will emerge) or mulch the roots. Petrei: less of a climber than other clematis so mulching to give a cool root run is preferable.
Soil: Well drained, fertile and humus rich soil give the best results.
Watering:Keep the soil moist while the vines are growing but avoid waterlogging the roots.
Fertilising: General purpose fertiliser
Flowering time:
* Petrei: Spring.
* Golden Tiara: Late Summer.
All others flush in late spring and late summer with spot flowers for the remaining warmer months.
Pruning required:
*Golden Tiara: should be cut back to within 1m of the ground each year in early spring.
*Elizabeth & Petrei: prune after flowering, removing dead or damaged stems and shortening others to their alloted space, encouraging production of new growth to flower in the following spring.
*Carnaby, Countess of Lovelace,
*General Sikorski, Henryi & Niobe: prune in winter for the purpose of shaping, remove dead and damaged stems before growth begins in early spring. Remove flowers soon after flowering to allow young shoots to flower later in the season.

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