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Botanical name: Corydalis flexuosa 'Pere David'
Family: Papaveraceae
Plant type: Evergreen perennial
Origin: China
Size (HxW): 30cm x 40-45cm wide.
Climate: Cool to Temperate.
Flowers: Spring and mid Autumn. It goes semi-dormant in mid Summer.
Planting depth and spacing: Plant with the crown of the plant at soil surface and around 40-45cm apart.
Soil: Well draining and fertile.
Position: Full sun to semi shade.
Frost: Hardy.
Watering: Water in well and keep moist, especially over Summer.
Fertilizer: Organic or NPK of 5-2-1
Pruning: Cut back to about 10cm above the ground in Winter (In cold areas the plant goes dormant anyway)

Last Reviewed: 13/02/2004 11:30:33 AM
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