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Family: Crassulaceae.
Plant type:Evergreen perennial.
Plant Size: 20cm in height by 30cm in width.
Depth and Spacing:Plant to the same depth as potted at intervals of 30cm.
Soil: Any moderately fertile well drained soil.
Aspect: Full sun, this plant will tolerate a little shade but the foliage colour will be muted.
Watering:Water minimally while in growth, drier soils lead to more intense foliage colours.
Fertilising: If applying fertiliser, apply a half strength balanced fertiliser every month. Avoid over fertilising these plants as the results will be weak and lanky growth.
Climatic Tolerances: Cool to sub-tropical. Protect from frosts.
Flowering time:Summer (decorative heads of foliage remain all year).
Pruning:After flowering remove old stems.

Last Reviewed: 13/02/2004 11:30:33 AM
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