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Echinocactus 'The Golden Barrel'

Aka: Mother-in-law's seat
Botanical name: Echinocactus grunsonii
Family: Cactaceae
Plant type: Cactus
Plant size: Over a long period of time these long lived plants (100 years) slowly expand to 60cm tall & wide.
Depth & spacing: Plant with the crown at the soil surface and up to 60cm apart.
Watering: Very minimal.
Frost tolerances: Needs protection when temperatures fall below 5OC
Flowering time: Summer
Preferred soil: Must be well drained.
Preferred aspect: Sunny (but will tolerate light shade.
Ideal climates: Temperate to cool.
Fertilising: Use a weak liquid fertiliser following the manufacturer's instructions.
Uses & comments: Can be grown indoors and the result is thinner, more lemon coloured spines.

Last Reviewed: 13/02/2004 11:30:34 AM
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