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Epimedium ‘Spring Light’

Botanical name: Epimedium x perralchicum
Family: Berberidaceae.
Plant type: Evergreen perennial.
Size (HxW): 30cm x 30cm
Flowering time: Spring
Planting time: Anytime
Depth and spacing: Plant to the same depth as in the pot and at 30cm intervals.
Watering: Keep well watered whilst actively growing although they adapt to both moist and dry environments.
Frost tolerance: Hardy although new growth may be marked by heavy frost.
Soil: Well drained and preferably humus rich.
Climate: Cool to Temperate.
Aspect: Part shade with protection from cold, dry winds.
Fertilizer: Apply a well-balanced fertilizer in winter.
Pruning: None other than an occasional tidy up.
Comments: The removal of old leaves in July will allow the flowers to stand out in their full glory. It will also provide an opportunity for new dark bronze to purple foliage to create a stunning feature.

Last Reviewed: 10/27/2004 2:47:49 PM
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