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European Wasp Catcher

Family: Sarraceniaceae
Plant type:Insectivorous perennial.
Size: 40-50cm tall x 15cm wide.
Planting depth & spacing: Plant corms at soil level and 15cm apart.
Preferred aspect: Full sun to part shade
Preferred soil type: Must be grown in peat moss and sand or sphagnum moss.
Watering: Keep wet even during the dormant period in Winter. Keep the plant cool during dormancy.
Fertilising: Do not feed with plant food.
Pruning required: In late Winter remove the leaves from the previous season.
Climatic tolerances: Cool to sub-tropical - almost anywhere in Australia where temperatures remain above 5OC
Flowering time: Spring
Frost tolerance: Fully hardy
Traps can fill completely with insects in a few weeks, once filled the trap will begin to brown off but will continue to digest the insects so do not remove the old leaves until they have completely died back.

Last Reviewed: 13/02/2004 11:30:34 AM
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