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Family: Iridaceae
Plant/bulb type: Corm
Planting time: Late Summer to Autumn

  • The old fashioned freesias (Refracta Alba): 15cm tall
  • Bergunden & doubles:30-40cm tall.
  • Massing freesias: 20-30cm tall

Depth: 3-5cm deep.
  • Old fashioned: 6cm apart
  • Bergunden & doubles: 10cm apart.
  • Massing freesias: 5-10cm apart (closer if you want a more dense display).

Aspect: Full sun.
Soil: Well drained.
Watering: Start watering when growth appears. Keep soil moist until foliage
dies off after flowering. Ideally keep bulbs relatively dry whilst dormant.
Fertilising: Top dress with a complete fertiliser in Autumn. Eg: Blood & Bone.
Flowering time: Mid Spring.
After flowering care: These bulbs can be left undisturbed in the ground for many years. If you wish to lift them (to move or divide), wait until the foliage has died off.
Frost care: In areas of severe frosts, these bulbs will need some protection. You can provide this by covering the bulbs with straw (remove after frosts) or by planting in pots which are moved to a protected spot during frosts.
Climatic tolerances: Subtropical to cool.
Comments: The flowers of the double & Bergunden Freesias make excellent cut flowers: long lasting and fragrant.

Last Reviewed: 13/02/2004 11:30:34 AM
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