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Family: Asteraceae
Native to: South Africa
Plant type: Deciduous crown
Flowering time: Summer to Autumn.
Size: 45cm tall and 45cm wide,
Planting time: Late Winter - Spring.
Planting depth and spacing: Plant with crown at soil surface (or just above) and approximately 45cm apart.
Soil: Require perfect drainage. Otherwise fungal diseases can occur.
Position: Open and sunny. Will tolerate some frost but give protection from strong wind.
Frost: Sensitive.
Watering: Regularly and thoroughly during the growing period.
Fertilizer: A general fertilizer with occasional liquid feeding whilst growing.
Preferred climates: Tropical to cool.
Frost: Sensative.
Pests & diseases: Gerberas are prone to root rot diseases if the drainage of the soil is not adequate. Planting in pots with quality potting mix can help if your garden soil is not very well drained.
Cutting: Gerberas make very attractive and very popular cut flowers. Picking the blooms (or removing spent ones) will also encourage more flowers on the plant.

Last Reviewed: 13/02/2004 11:30:35 AM
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