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Plant type: Bulbous corm.
Size: 1.5-2m tall.
Planting time: The bulbs can be planted from July to Dec. -(preferably after the frosts).
The bulbs can be planted at staggeredintervals to create a continuous display of flowers over a longer period since the bulbs will flower approx. 90 -120 days after planting. (The warmer the weather, the quicker they are to start flowering).
Depth and Spacing: Plant the bulbs approximately 10-15cm deep & 8-15cm apart. Glad's look great in dense clumps.
Aspect: Full sun. Protection from very strong winds is also advisable.
Soil: Light, well drained is ideal but they will tolerate quite heavy soils as long as they are not water logged.
Watering:Keep moist whilst growing.
Fertilising:Work some rotted manure or fertiliser into the soil weeks prior to planting or top dress at planting with a complete fertiliser
Flowering time:Summer. The timing is somewhat determined by planting dates (see 'Planting Time' above.)
Hazards: Thrip (recognised by streaking/mottling on the leaves & flower buds which do not open). Either spray the plant with a pesticide such as Confidor/Baythroid by Yates or ask your local nursery person for asuitable one.
If left unchecked the thrip will eventually kill the whole plant.
Rust is a fungus which looks like groups of rust coloured dots on the leaves. If unchecked the plant will eventually die. Can be treated with Yates Mancozeb or another fungicide (enquire at your local nursery centre).
Storage: Lift the corms once the foliage yellows (a month after flowering). Crop the foliage to within 5-6cm from the corm & allow them to dry thoroughly before storing in a cool, dry and airy spot. The bulbs can also be dustedwith an insecticide before storage.
Thrip must be dealt with prior to storing corms.

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