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Gloriosa Lily

Botanical name: Gloriosa rothschildiana
Native to: South Africa
Bulb type: Tuber
Flowering time: Summer
Aspect: Full sun.
Frost sensitivity: As planting is after the frosts, frosts are not a problem.
Water: Keep moist whilst growing.
Fertilising: Feed generously with a complete fertiliser. After flowering
give a fortnightly feed with liquid fertiliser to encourage better growth
in the newly developing tubers.
Soil: Friable and well drained.
Preferred climates: Tropical to cool
Height: 1 to 2m
Spacing: In cool areas (best in pots on a north facing wall) 30cm apart
and, in hotter climates, 60-100cm apart.
Support: Gloriosas need a support to climb. The climbing is achieved by
thin tendrils at the end of each leaf, which loosely wrap around the mesh
or trellis.
Planting time: At all times when handling the tuber, be careful not to
damage the new growing tips (the thick blunt ends.)
It is ideal to plant once the warmer weather starts and the final frosts
have finished. Typical planting times are as follows:
* Tropical-subtropical: Sept onwards
* Mild climates: October onwards
* Cool climates: November onwards

However, if the growing tip starts to discolour and swell before this time,
the tuber needs to be planted straight away. Until planting, it is best to
store the tuber in a cool, dark and dry place with plenty of air
circulation (to prevent the tuber from rotting).
How to plant: The tuber should be planted horizontally in the ground with
approx. 3-4cm of soil on top of it.
After flowering: Continue to care for the plant until the foliage
completely dies off after which time the tubers should be lifted and stored
in some dry potting mix until they are ready for planting next Spring) You
will find that the old tuber has died and formed two new tubers in its
place. The two new tubers are connected in a horse-shoe shape, with the
growing tip at each end. Break the 'horse-shoe' in the centre for two new
Planting in pots: Gloriosa can easily be planted in pots which are large
enough to accommodate the two new tubers which will form during the growing
season. We recommend a 12-13" pot.

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