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Gold Autumn Crocus

Botanical name: Sternbergia lutea.
Family: Amaryllidaceae.
Plant type: Bulb
Size (HxW): 15cm x 10cm.
Depth and spacing: Plant with 5cm of soil above the bulbs and 10cm apart.
Watering: This bulb prefers a dry summer but in well-drained soils will perform quite well when planted alongside other Summer-irrigated flowers.
Frost tolerance: Frost hardy.
Flowering time: Autumn (although the bulb may not flower in its first year in your garden).
Planting time: Spring (October-December).
Soil: Well drained.
Climate: Cool
Aspect: A hot sunny spot.
Fertilizer: Apply a well-balanced fertilizer in autumn when the tips break through the soil.
Comments: These crocus are fantastic colour highlights in autumn when planted in clumps.

Last Reviewed: 10/27/2004 2:47:49 PM
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