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Hellebores (Christmas or Lenten Rose)

Botanical name: Helleborus.
Family: Ranunculaceae
Plant type:Evergreen perennials.
Ideal Planting time:Winter
H.lividus & Spotted: 45cm tall x 45cm wide.
H.Burgundy: 40cm tall x 30cm wide.
Depth and Spacing:Plant 30-50cm apart with the top of the pot level with the soil surface.
Aspect: H.lividus: Full sun to semi-shade.
H.Burgundy & Spotted: Semi shade to full shade. In warmer climates (temperate and above) they require full shade.
Soil: Rich, well draining.
Watering:Keep moist whilst actively growing, especially if planted in a hot spot.
Fertilising: These plants appreciate a top dressing of leaf mould or compost.
Flowering time: Winter
Pruning required: Cut back in Aut/Win.
Comments: These plants may not flower in the first year and, once established, prefer to be left alone.

Last Reviewed: 13/02/2004 11:30:35 AM
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