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Japanese Iris

Botanical name: Kaempferi
Family: Iridaceae
Plant type: Rhizome
Size: Narrow clumps 60 - 80cm tall.
Flowers: Late Spring- early Summer.
Planting time: Winter or early Spring.
Planting depth and spacing: Plant with crown just below soil surface (1-2cm) & 20-30cm apart. Plant closer for a denser display sooner. Plant further apart to give room to multiply so that you only have to dig and divide every 2-3 years.
Soil:Requires a rich, lime free soil.
Preferred position: Sunny but some shade is tolerated in warm climates.
Preferred climate: Cool to Tropics.
Water: These plants need constant moisture whilst growing or they can be grown in boggy spots or in a pot immersed in water. However, ensure good drainage during dormancy.
Frost: Hardy.
Fertilizing: Heavy feeders; appreciate an azalea mix or osmocote applied as the rhizome starts to shoot

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