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Botanical names: See variety details (last)
Family: Lamiaceae
Plant type: Evergreen
Native to: Mediterranean
Bloom season: Late Spring to Summer.
Size: See footnotes
Soil: Needs a well drained soil. If planting in a heavier soil, raise the beds to improve drainage.
Aspect: Full sun.
Climate: Temperate to cool.
Frost: Sensative.
Planting: Plant in soil to same leves as in the pot.
Watering: Keep the plants well watered during hot spells whilst you are establishing them and established plants can survive long periods of drought.
Fertiliser: Lavenders benefit from being top dressed with a complete fertiliser in late Autumn.
Flower cutting: Picking the blooms will help to keep the bushes compact.
Pruning: It's important to prune the bushes after every flush of flowers in order to maintain a shapley plant. You must trim the flower stems off and them trim the remaining foliage to shape. However, do not cut back to the old (grey-brown) wood
Variety details:

  • L.augustifolia 'Hidecoat Pink': 50-60x40cm

  • 'Impress Purple': 60x60cm

  • L.augustifolia 'Twinckel Purple: 80-70cm.

  • L.'Los Gringos': 80cmx80cm. Foliage to 1.4m.

Last Reviewed: 13/02/2004 11:30:36 AM
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