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Add a glitz & glamour to your garden by planting liliums now. Liliums come in a variety of styles to choose from and they are wonderfully easy to grow. Liliums that are amongst our favourites are the Asiatics Liliums, Oriental lilies, Christmas Liliums and the new LA liliums.

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Lilium growing instructions:

Family: Liliaceae
Plant type: Fleshy bulb
Planting time: Winter to early Spring. Note: Lilium bulbs should be planted as soon as possible after arrival. The bulbs should not be allowed to dry out before you plant them.
Oriental: 60-90cm
Asiatic & LA Liliums: 50-80cm.
Christmas Liliums: 80cm.
Depth and Spacing: Dig a hole 15cm deep & wide enough for the roots to be spread out. Space Orientals 30-50cm apart &Asiatics, LA's & Christmas Lilies 25-30cm apart
Position: Full sun to light shade. Lilies thrive in filtered light in warmer areas but full sun is suitable in cooler climates.The taller varieties also like some protection from strong winds (by planting between taller shrubs or under trees).
Soil: Rich, moist, well drained & cool isideal. Mulching can be very helpful in keeping the roots cool.
However, in general we find liliums very tolerant ofsoils far less than ideal, especially the hardy Asiatic Liliums.
Watering:Keep the soil moist, but not soggy, during the growing period.
Flowering time:Mostly Summer.
After flowering care: Remove the old flowering stems once the foliage browns.
Fertilising: Top dress with a
complete fertiliser twice annually. Once at planting (early Winter)and again after flowering.We find that Liliums respond well if mulched with a thick (5cm) layer of leaf - mould compost applied each Winter.
Lifting & storing the bulbs: Liliums are best left undisturbed. If you need to lift the bulbs (eg: as they become over-crowded), dig the bulbs whilst they are dormant (late Autumn-Winter) and replant immediately since the bulbs should not be allowed to dry out.
Cutting: Liliums make wonderful cut flowers because they are all long lasting & many have a delightful fragrance. When cutting the flowers, do so half way down the stem so that the remainder of the stem can be left to further develop the bulb for next year's display.

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