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Family: Magnoliaceae
Plant type: Deciduous large shrubs/small trees.
Plant size: 3-5m x 3-5m
Depth & spacing: Plant with the base of the tree at soil level & 3-5m apart.
Watering: Keep these plants well watered over Summer. These plants do not suffer Summer droughts well.
Frost tolerances: Fully hardy.
Flowering time: Spring.
Preferred soil: Rich & moist but well drained. When planting, it is ideal to prepare a large hole of rich, leafy soil into which you plant your tree.
Preferred aspect: Full sun to part shade.
Ideal climates: Cool to temperate.
Pruning: No pruning is required but these trees can be pruned in Summer (after flowering) to shape.
Fertilising: Apply a slow release fertiliser in late Winter. If desired, quick release food can also be applied in early Spring.
Uses & comments: Very elegant & generally trouble free. These trees have truly stood the test of time because they are one of the oldest of all flowering plants.
Warning: These trees have soft fleshy roots so it's best NOT to cultivate around the base of the tree.
Recommendation: Apply a mulch around the base of the tree because this will helps keep the soil moist, reduces the weeds and, over time, enriches the soil. It also removes the need to cultivate around the the base of the tree.

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