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Mrs E.C. Buxton

Family: Asteraceae
Plant type: evergreen perennial
Plant size: 45-60cm tall x 45cm wide.
Pruning: Cut back after flowering to maintain dense foliage.
Preferred position: Full sun.
Flowering time: Spring to Autumn.
Preferred soil: Free draining soil & high in organic matter. Very tolerant of a wide range of pH levels.
Watering: Drought tolerant once established but, like most plants, does best with sufficient moisture.
Climates: sub-tropical to cool.
Uses & comments: A carpet of pretty lemon daisies smother the soft grey foliage, creating dense blocks of soft yellow. We find this plant wonderful at the front of the border or covering bare ground under taller plants.

Last Reviewed: 13/02/2004 11:30:37 AM
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