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Naked Ladies

Aka: Belladonna Lilies
Botanical name: Amaryllis belladonna
Family: Amaryllidaceae
Plant type: Deciduous bulb
Plant size: The taller (normal) varieties are 75cm tall. The dwarf ones only 35cm.
Depth & spacing: Plant with the neck of the bulb above the soil surface & about 15-20cm apart (plant further apart to ensure many more years pass before you need to dig up the bulbs & spread them out due to over-crowding.)
Watering: Keep well watered whilst growing & ideally allow the soil to dry out whilst the bulbs are dormant.
Frost tolerances: Although many authors say these bulbs are not fully hardy we've never seen them flinch at the heavy frosts of the Dandenongs so we find these bulbs fully hardy.
Flowering time: Summer to Autumn.
Preferred soil: Well drained but otherwise not fussy.
Preferred aspect: Full sun.
Ideal climates: sub-tropical to cool.
Comments & uses: These showy bulbs are exceptionally self-sufficient once established & so they're wonderful for planting in low-attention-getting garden spots. They earn their name of 'Naked Ladies' because the flowers bloom before the foliage has appeared to 'clothe' them

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