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Botanical name: Nerine x hybrida.
Family: Amaryllidaceae.
Plant type: Bulb.
Size (HxW): 40-60cm x 10cm.
Depth and spacing: Plant with the neck of the bulb above the soil and 10cm apart in clumps.
Watering: Water amply from the time the flower spike appears.
Frost tolerance: Hardy to –2ºC.
Flowering times: ‘Corusca’, ‘Rosea’ and ‘Sarniensis’ summer to autumn. ‘Aurea’ autumn. ‘Winter Cheer’ winter.
Soil: Well drained.
Climate: Cool to sub-tropical.
Aspect: Full sun – Nerines like to be baked.
Fertilizer: Fertilizing is not normally necessary but occasional liquid fertilizer may be beneficial.
After flowering care: Cut off any spent flowers.
Comments: Nerines can be transplanted at any time of the year except whilst they are in full flower or in full growth. Early spring to summer is ideal. The bulbs like to be crowded so only lift and divide the clumps when serious overcrowding diminishes the number of flowers appearing.

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