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Oriental Poppy 'Curlilocks'

Botanical name: Papaver orientale 'Curlilocks'
Family: Papaveraceae
Plant type: Herbaceous perennial
Plant size: 80cm tall flowering stems above 50x50cm clumps of foliage.
Depth & spacing: Plant with the crown at the soil surface and 50cm apart.
Watering: Keep well watered whilst actively growing.
Frost tolerances: Hardy.
Flowering time: Spring.
Preferred soil: Any - as long as the plants are never water-logged.
Preferred aspect: Full sun.
Ideal climates: Cool.
Pruning/After flowering care: Clear away messy foliage and flowering stems soon after flowering.
Fertilising: Fertilise annually in early Spring with a general purpose fertiliser.
Uses & comments: The flowers make good cut flowers and are best picked just before the sepals split apart to reveal the petals. The cut stems should be sealed by placing them for a short period in boiling water. (This will help prevent wilting.)
Useful book: If you're interested in some further reading about Poppies we would recommend Poppies - the poppy family in the wild and in cultivation by C.Grey-W

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