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Perennial Phlox

Family: Polemoniaceae.
Native to: America and a few from Asia.
Bulb type: Crown.
Bloom season & length: Flowers continually from December to first frost.
Colours: Pinks, reds, lavender, mauve, white, purple, orange.
Height: 80cm to 1 m.
Planting time: During Winter to early Spring.
Soil: Almost any soil will do. Add some well rotted manure or compost, to give greater growth and more flowers,and keep soil moist.
Position: Some protection from strong winds, sunny aspect.
Planting depth & spacing: Crowns at soil level; 20cm apart.
Water: Amply in growing period; specially to encourage a second crop of flowers.
Fertiliser: Maxicrop or blood and bone during growing period.
Pests/disease: Few, Eelworm may attack young shoots giving a crinkled look - cut off and burn.
Cutting: With their large, fragrant heads they make good cut flowers. Always cut off old heads to encourage blooms.
Propagation: Root cuttings, seeds.

One of the loveliest border plants, with a long flowering season (provided they are not in dry conditions) they look very well when grouped together

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