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Pin Cushion Flower

Botanical name: Scabiosa
Family: Dipsaceae
Origin: Native to Caucausas & North Iran.
Bloom season: Most varieties from in Summer but the 'Butterfly Blue' and 'Pink Mist' varieties will flower continuously for most of the year. 'Lemon Wings' has smaller flower heads with fern-like foliage and can be used as filler.
Plant type: Perennial
Size (HxW): 30-50cm x 30-50cm
Soil: Sandy loam is ideal but generally not fussy as long as the soil is well drained.
Climate: Cool to Sub Tropics.
Aspect: Full sun
Frost: Tolerant to -20 deg.
Water: Keep soil slightly moist whilst plants are actively growing.
Fertiliser: An annual application of blood and bone or other complete fertilizer plus fortnightly liquid feeds during active growth will give a better performance. It is especially important to generously feed the continuous flowering varieties
Cutting: The flowers make sweet additions to vases, posies and button holes. Cutting the flowers (or removing the spent blooms) also encourages more flowers.
Planting depth & spacing: Plant at the same level as it was in the pot & 30-50cm apart.
Pests/disease/hazards: Generally trouble free.

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