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Rain Lilies

Botanical name: Zephyranthes (various).
Family: Amaryllidaceae
Plant type: Bulb
Size (HxW): 10-25cm x 5-10cm
Depth and spacing: Plant 2.5-5cm deep and 10cm apart.
Watering: Water well during growing periods but plant in a spot that is ideally allowed to dry out whilst the bulbs are dormant (during winter).
Frost tolerance: Keep sheltered from severe frosts.
Flowering time: Pink, Fragrant and White: Summer till autumn. Golden and Copper: Autumn.
Planting time: Spring (September-December)
Soil: Well drained, humus rich soil.
Climate: Cool to Sub-Tropical.
Aspect: Full sun in the southern parts of Australia but part shade in northern areas is recommended.
Fertilizer: Add a well-balanced fertilizer when the green tips show through the soil surface.
After flowering care: Divide whilst dormant if necessary.
Comments: These bulbs prefer to be left alone which is handy for the gardener! It is ideal to allow large clumps to develop and you will be rewarded with spectacular results. These bulbs are wonderful in pots, nooks and crannies or as a garden edge.

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