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Silvan Giant
Plant type: A lasting herbaceous perennial.
Planting time: Winter
Size: To 70cm tall
Depth & Spacing: Plant with the crown just below the surface with about 2-3cm of the soil on top of them & 1m apart.
Aspect: Full sun to light shade
Soil: Well drained & preferably very rich since these plants are gross feeders.
Watering: Keep the soil moist but not soggy whilst the plant is growing.
Fertilising: These heavy feeders like lots of fertiliser so apply copious amounts of well decayed animal manure and also top dress with a complete fertiliser.
Harvesting: Do not harvest any stalks the first year but allow the plant to continue its development. From the second year onwards you can harvest stalks from Spring onwards. Stop once the new stalks being produced are slender.
Warming: Do not eat the leaves because they contain an amount of poisonous glycoside They are safe to add to the compost.

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