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Siberian Iris

Botanical name: Iris siberica
Family: Iridaceae
Plant type: Small but very hardy rhizome which is Winter dormant
Plant size: 1m to 1.25m tall & very narrow.
Depth & spacing: The top of the rhizome should be no deeper than 5cm below the soil surface and the roots should be fanned out in the hole. Plant 15-30cm apart (use the wider distance if you wish to leave the bulbs undisturbed for years).
Watering: Start watering when growth appears and keep the soil slightly moist until foliage dies off after flowering. These plants are relatively drought proof once established.
Frost tolerances: Hardy
After flowering care: After flowering, the plant goes dormant & Winter is a good time to cut off the dead foliage.
Flowering time: Late Spring to Summer
Preferred soil: Well drained & rich
Preferred aspect: Full sun to half shade (they need at least a half day of full sun but tolerate light shade in the warmer climates.
Ideal climates: They grow well in temperate to cool climates because they need a relatively cold winter to produce tall stems.
Fertilising: Top dress with a complete fertiliser each Autumn & early Spring for best results.
Uses & comments: You can rely on these easy-care iris to provide a blast of blue so brilliant that it makes your eyes pop!

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