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Snow Drop Anemone

Botanical name: Anemone sylvestris
Family: Ranunculaceae.
Plant type: Herbaceous perennial.
Plant Size: 30-45cm tall x 20cm wide.
Depth and Spacing: Plant with the crownat the soil surface and 30-50cm apart.
Frost: Fully hardy.
Flowering time: Mid Spring until Autumn.
Preferred Soil: Not fussy. However, we would not recommend situating this plant in a rich soil since it spreads rapidly in good conditions.
Preferred Aspect: Full sun to full shade.
Ideal climates: Sub-tropical to cool.
Pruning: If you do not wish this plant to spread you must prune excessive growth.
Fertilising: Feed annually in Spring with a general purpose fertiliser.
Comments: This plant is very useful for filling difficult spots because it's tough enough to grow in dry & shady spots.
Warning: Do not pamper this plant otherwise it's likely to become invasive. This plant will rapidly spread if well cared for. We recommend that you confine it to the "difficult" or "tough" sites. If planting in a rich site, be prepared to keep a restraining hand on this plant.

Last Reviewed: 13/02/2004 11:30:42 AM
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