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Spider Orchid ‘Rex’

Botanical name: Brassia x hybrida
Family: Orchidaceae
Plant type: Evergreen perennial.
Size (HxW): 60cm x 50cm
Depth and spacing: Plant with the psuedo bulb about half in, half out of the soil surface with roots spread beneath. They are best grown in pots or hanging baskets or on bark.
Watering: Water often, keeping moist and spray with a fine mist during hot summer months.
Frost tolerance: Keep in a protected position away from frosts.
Flowering time: Spring till summer.
Planting time: Anytime
Soil: A fine orchid mix or an african violet mix. Secure on bark with peat moss and a cover, such as hessian.
Climate: Cool to Tropical.
Aspect: Full sun to semi-shade. Keep relatively dry during winter.
Fertilizer: Apply a liquid fertilizer every few weeks from late winter till summer.
After flower care: Remove spent flower heads if necessary.
Comments: Plant in pots for the best result.

Last Reviewed: 10/27/2004 2:47:49 PM
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