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Spring Star Flowers

Botanical name: Ipheion uniflora /Tritelea uniflora
Family: Amaryllidaceae
Plant/bulb type: True bulb
Planting time: Late Summer to Autumn
Height: 10-12cm
Depth & spacing: 4-5cm deep & 5-10cm apart
Aspect: Full sun to light shade.
Soil: Well drained is ideal although very hardy and tolerant. We've even seen them growing through bitumen!
Watering: Start watering when growth appears and keep soil slightly moist until foliage dies off after flowering. It is ideal to keep bulbs relatively dry whilst dormant.
Fertilising: In poor soils top dress with a complete fertiliser each Autumn. Eg: Blood & Bone.
Flowering time: From early Spring for many weeks.
After flowering care: No care required! These bulbs are self-sufficient. Simply ensure the bulbs don't become completely dried out during periods of active growth.
Comments: Extremely cheerful and just as hardy. Plant where they can naturalise. They will quickly develop into dense clumps of star-shaped flowers.
Climate: Tropical to Cool.

Last Reviewed: 13/02/2004 11:30:42 AM
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