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'Star' Gardenia

Botanical name: Gardenia grandiflora 'Star'.
Syn: Gardenia augusta.
Family: Rubiaceae
Plant type: Small evergreen shrub.
Origin: China
Size (H x W):-1m x -1m
Flowering time: Summer, Autumn and often into Winter.
Flowers: Creamy, waxy white & fragrant.
Plant: With crown at soil level & 80cm apart
Soil type: Prefers a rich, well drained soil that is slightly acid. Avoid soils high in lime.
Position: Full sun to part shade.
Frost: Hardy
Fertilising details: Use a well balanced fertiliser applied in Spring or Summer.
Preferred climates: Cool, temperate, sub-tropical and tropical. This plant can be grown in almost all parts of Australia. Unlike all other Gardenias, this plant will perform well even in the coldness of the Dandenong Ranges. It will flower well into Autumn and often flowers will still be seen in Winter.
Comments: This plant has a very neat and dense habit due to its compact shape and small foliage. This makes it ideal for growing in pots.

Last Reviewed: 13/02/2004 11:30:42 AM
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