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Family: Rosaceae
Plant type: Evergreen perennial.
Fruiting season:Summer to Autumn; usually 4-6 weeks although this varies from variety to variety.
Planting time: Winter
Soil: They prefer a rich, well drained & friable soil which is slightly acidic to neutral. The soil can be enriched with lots of old animal manure, compost or complete fertiliser which is low in Nitrogen.
Position:Full sun. Plant them in part shade in warmer climates.
Climates:Although Strawberries perform best in cool climates, they can be grown in warmer climates also.
Frost:The plants can be covered with hessian if you wish to protect the first flowers from frost damage.
Depth and Spacing: Plant with the bottom of the crown just below soil surface level (see illustration) and 45cm apart in rows which are 45-60cm apart.
Planting notes: You can also cover the soil with black polythene sheets which can be anchored by burying the sides into the soil. Cut small holes into the plastic & plant into these.
This sheet will suppress weeds, keep the fruit clean and hasten ripening by keeping the soil warm.
You can also mulch the soil with straw.
Watering: Never allow the plants to dry out. Night watering is best. If you've used plastic sheeting, water slowly so that the water actually gets in through the holes. A trickle system is ideal.
Pests/diseases:Certified virus free stock (all Tesselaar strawberries are certified) is generally trouble free. However, if you have any mildew you'll need to spray with a fungicide (ask for one at your local nursery) according to the manufacturer's instructions.
Birds, snail & other insects will also find your berries tasty so lay snail bait & consider bird deterrents (such as thin strips of foil tied to a piece of string).
Cutting: Remove runners as they appear over Summer to encourage the plant to put more of its effort into the production of fruit.

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