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Tree Peony

Botanical name: Paeonia suffruiticosa
Family: Paeoniaceae.
Plant type: Deciduous small woody shrub.
Plant size: 2m tall x 1m spread
Depth & spacing: Place with the crown at the soil surface & 1m apart.
Watering: Keep well watered whilst actively growing.
Frost tolerances: Hardy although new growth may be marked by heavy frosts.
Flowering time: Spring to Summer
Preferred site: The ideal spot for a tree peony is in an open sunny spot, away from the roots of large trees and with protection from early morning frosts and strong winds.
Preferred soil: The soil must be free draining and should be prepared well in advance with blood and bone and/or well rotted compost (not animal manure). Peonies tend to flower more freely in a heavy soil. If your soil is sandy add lots of compost.
Preferred aspect: Full sun in cool climates. Light shade in temperate.
Ideal climates: Cool to temperate.
Pruning: Remove old or broken branches
Fertilising: In rich soils it may not be necessary to feed for a couple of years. In impoverished soils, top dress with a handful of blood and bone in Spring and Autumn. Do not over feed.
Uses & comments: In Autumn it is good practice to remove the fallen leaves from underneath the plant.

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