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Botanical name: Tritonia croata
Family: Iridaceae
Native to: South Africa
Plant type: Corm
Plant size: 12cm tall x 10cm wide
Depth & spacing: Plant with points upwards 7-12cm apart & 5cm deep
Watering: Water in upon planting but don't start watering regularly until the grassy shoots appear above the soil. After flowering & upon the leaves turning brown watering can be stopped. These corms prefer a relatively dry soil whilst dormant.
Frost tolerances: In very cold climates (ie where the ground actually freezes) these bulbs should be protected by a deep mulch
Flowering time:
Mid to late Spring
Preferred soil: Needs a well drained soil enriched only with a small amount of fertiliser. In soils that are very wet over Winter, these corms are likely to rot and therefore, corms planted in those conditions should be lifted each Winter.
Preferred aspect: Full sun to part shade.
Ideal climates: Cool to sub-tropical
Pruning: None required.
Fertilising: These bulbs do not need heavy fertilising to flower well. However, in impoverished soils, additional fertiliser may be necessary (applied in Autumn & again after flowering).

Last Reviewed: 13/02/2004 11:30:43 AM
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