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Botanical name: Polianthes tuberosaDerived from the Greek polios (meadning "white") & anthos (meaning "flower").
Family: Agavaceae
Bulb type: true bulb
Native to: Mexico.
Bloom season: Starts flowering late Summer and may continue up until Autumn or even Winter.
Height: 70-120cm
Planting time: Late Winter to early Spring (after the frosts have finished). Plant bulbs in succession (leaving two weeks between plantings) for a longer, staggered flowering period.
Soil: The soil must be well-drained and loamy. It needs to be prepared deeply with compost or well-rotted manure. The soil must be lime-free.
Aspect: Full sun yields the best results. If necessary, plant in pots which can be moved to gain maximum sunshine.
Planting depth & spacing: Put the tip of the bulb at the soil level and plant 15cm apart.
Watering: The soil should be moist on planting but otherwise keep relatively dry until the green tips emerge. As usual, the soil should be kept slightly moist whilst the plants are actively growing.
Fertiliser: If the soil is well prepared with rotted cow manure, no additional fertiliser is necessary at planting but the bulbs will benefit from regular liquid fertilising during growth.
Pests & diseases: Generally trouble free but watch for snails and slugs.
Cutting: The bulbs produce excellent cut flowers with a heady fragrance.
After flowering care: Some references say these bulbs should be lifted and stored after flowering but our experience has been that the bulbs flower better in the second year if left in the ground undisturbed.
The next year: After flowering, the bulbs split to produce more, smaller bulbs which will flower within another 1 or 2 seasons.flowering).

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