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Tuberous Begonias

Botanical name: Begonia tuberhybrida
Family: Begoniaceae
Plant type: Tuber
Flowering time: Early Summer to late Autumn
Size (HxW): 30-40cm x 30-40cm
Preferred soil: Very friable
Potting Mix: 1/3 peat moss, 1/3 sand and 1/3 garden loam.
Preferred position: Filtered shade - Some sunlight in cold areas.
Ideal climate: Cool to sub tropical.
Depth & spacing. Position the tubers 40-50cm apart with a 2-3 cm layer of
soil covering them.
Planting time: Plant when pink growth buds start to show. This occurs when
the temperatures reach approx. 16-18 OC.
Pruning requirements: Deadhead old flowers.
Watering requirements: These tubers perform much better with lots of water
during dry periods.
Fertiliser requirements: Feed generously with a slow release fertiliser
(3-4 months).
Pests: Be prepared for snails.
Frost tolerance: Protect from frosts.
Hazards: During humid conditions, spent flowers and dropped leaves should
be removed as a protection against possible fungal problems.
Potting and Storage. These make good potted plants, but do not allow pot to
become soggy with over watering.
After flowering in pots: In Autumn when foliage goes yellow, reduce
watering & allow the pot to dry out completely. After flowering, pots can
be stored on their sides under eaves, until new pink growth is seen next
Spring at which time you resume limited watering and feed generously again.
After flowering in the garden: When growth has died off, dig tubers up,
wash off the dirt & allow the tubers to air dry for 4-5 days (this hardens
the skins.) Store the dried tubers in dry peat moss or sand in a cool dry
position until Spring growth occurs at which time the tubers should be

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