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Botanical Name: Vallota speciosa Syn Cyrtanthus elatus
Family: Amaryllidaceae
Plant type: Bulb
Origin: Sth Africa (mainly east coast)
Size: 30 cm tall.
Flowers: Late Summer, early Autumn
Planting time: Spring
Planting depth and spacing: Plant with the neck of the bulb just above the soil level, approximately 10-15cm apart. These bulbs enjoy being crowded.
Climate: Cool to Temperate
Postion: Free draining soil. Full sun.
Frost tolerance: Mostly hardy
Water: Water well whilst in growth and cease once foliage starts to yellow.
Fertilizing: Not fussy about food.
Potting: They do well in pots. ( 1 bulb per 12cm pot or 3 bulbs per 25cm pot.)
Comments: Leave undisturbed.

Last Reviewed: 13/02/2004 11:30:43 AM
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