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Botanical name:Viola labrodonica V.Palmar White V.Palmar Double Blue.
Family: Violaceae
Plant type: Evergreen perennials
Ideal planting time:
Size: 10cm tall x spreading
Depth & spacing: Plant 10-15cm apart with the crown (where the leaves and roots meet) level with the soil surface.
Aspect: Light shade.
Soil: Rich, well draining.
Watering: Keep moist whilst actively growing.
Fertilising: Complete fertiliser
Flowering time: Summer
Pruning required: Remove any growth that spreads in an unwanted direction.
Tolerances: Planting under trees will give these plants protection from harsh Winter conditions and frosts.
Comments: These plants are excellent as a ground covers in the shade where little else will grow.

Last Reviewed: 13/02/2004 11:30:44 AM
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