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Family: Leguminosae
Plant type: Woody, decidous climber.
Size: 4m tall and spreading although can be pruned to desired dimensions.
Flowers: Spring
Planting depth and spacing: Plant with crown at soil surface (or to the same depth as it was in the pot) and approximately 2-3m apart.
Soil: Well drained.
Aspect: Full sun.
Preferred climates: Temperate to cool
Watering: Water well to establish otherwise quite drought tolerant.
Fertilising: Feed with a general fertiliser in early Spring and mid Summer to get good fast growth when the plant is young. Once it has reached the desired size, feed less because too much food and water can mean lots of growth at the expense of flowers.
Pruning: Wisterias are vigorous and yet easily controlled with secateurs.
When the plant is young and fast growing a lot of pruning and shaping is required. Firstly allow the plant to grow to the required height then remove top shoots to encourage side shoots which you tie into the desired position.
Once the plant reaches full size, all you need do is prune unwanted growth.
To reshape or rejuvenate an old plant, cut back very hard remembering that any drastic shaping should be done in Spring after flowering
Botanical names: W.sinensis; W.floribunda 'Kuchibeni'; and W.floribunda
'Royal Purple'

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