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Zantedeschia 'Pink Mist'

Botanical name: This is a Zantedeschia aethiopica cross called 'Pink Mist'.
Family: Araceae
Plant type: This plant is almost evergreen but tends to have a semi-to fully dormant period in mid Summer when the flowering stops and the foliage may go yellow in some climates.
Plant size: 1 x 1m clumps of lush foliage. The flowers stand taller above the foliage.
Depth & spacing: Plant with 5cm of soil covering the top of the rhizome and dig a whole large enough to spread the roots out. Leave approx.1m between rhizome.
Watering: For best results, keep this plant moist.
Frost tolerances: Heavy frosts can mark or kill the foliage but the rhizome will remain unharmed and new foliage will be produced.
Flowering time: This plant typically flowers in Winter, Spring & Autumn. It will also flower for much of Summer although flowering slows down or ceases during the hottest part of Summer (once temperatures reach approx. 250C). However, at approx. 17 - 20C, this plant flowers almost continuously.
Preferred soil: Moist & slightly acidic (ie: pH: 5.8-6.6).
Preferred aspect: This plant tolerates full sun to light shade but for the greatest amount of pink in the flowers, plant in full sun.
Ideal climates: Cool to temperate climates. This plant will grow in warmer climates but with fewer flowers. (see notes under "Flowering Time" above)
Pruning: None required other than the occasional tidy up.
Fertilising: Feed occasionally only (eg: at planting and then only every 2nd year). Use a fertiliser which is low in Nitrogen (eg: any organic fertilisers). A biennial top dressing of dolomite-lime will also be beneficial.

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